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Why Flipworks?

Why Flipworks?

The Opportunity in Today's Economy

Why Open Shelves and Drawers are not Enough

Exclusive Flipworks Features

Thin is Definitely In!

The Opportunity in Today's Economy

Consumers want to get the most entertainment from their HDTV
Even in this economy, consumers are buying HDTVs to enhance their entertainment. However, after a few weeks, “500 channels and nothing to watch” is likely to again resonate. The likely place to look for more content is their disc collection which has grown quite large over the years.

And the most value from their media collection
Getting more from your purchases sounds great right about now. Getting more from your current investments sounds even better. Disc collections represent a sizable investment. A rather small collection of 100 discs represents a $2,000 US investment....a large collection can easily exceed $6,000!

Now is the perfect time to offer furniture that helps consumers rediscover all the entertainment they forgot they had!

Why Open Shelves and Drawers are not Enough

Disc collections are growing larger…entertainment furniture is getting smaller. As a result, media storage is being pushed lower and lower. This intensifies the problems associated with accessing media stored on ordinary shelves or in drawers.

Reading the edges is a challenge - The edges have small text which is often obscured by graphics. And they are really difficult to see in dim living room lighting.

  • Shelves often force users to their hands and knees just to take a look. And they typically end up turning their heads sideways as well.
  • Drawers also require you to get pretty close to read the spines but also tend to block the view and access to lots of discs in the back.

Adding dividers to drawers looks good, but won’t fix the problems:

  • This still requires reading the edge.
  • It generally does not allow storage of all the various width cases.
  • Consumers still can’t access the discs in the back.

And what about slim cases and sleeves? - Neither drawers or shelves allow visual access to titles on slim cases or sleeves!

Exclusive Flipworks Features

Consumers want more than a space to store their media collections. They’re looking for ways that help them organize and browse...to unlock their collection.


Flipworks lets consumers Browse Again!

Selecting by the cover art provides instant recognition and memories with every flip. And since the cover art is 1000% larger than the edge, they can browse from a comfortable viewing distance even in low light. Browsing lets them rediscover all the favorites they haven’t seen for years!



Flipworks stores everything

From thin sleeves to boxed sets…from tapes to discs…and in almost any case style. Even new formats like Blu-ray Discs®, slim cases and sleeves.



Easy to add titles and make room for more

Simply move the Back Support to add titles exactly where desired. When there's no more space, only Flipworks allows your customer to create room by migrating seldom used titles to slim cases or sleeves, and still be able to browse everything by the covers.

Thin is Definitely In!
Slim cases and sleeves are becoming very popular and are finding their way into most consumer collections. And as downloading increases, the forecast is for more and more discs, not less! Although not all of these discs will be stored in cases, it just makes sense to start using thinner cases as media collections grow.

Here's what is being stored in thin cases:

  • Downloaded music and movies
  • Home movies and computer data
  • Copies of music, movies and TV shows
  • Promotional music and movies at retail

Using thin cases to increase storage capacity

Possibly the biggest potential use for thin cases may be to make room for more discs. Consumers can transfer their pre-recorded CD's or DVD's into thin cases and free up lots of space. In fact, three slims or five sleeves can fit into the space of a standard DVD case.

However, there is a serious problem

None of these thin options have edges to read. Consumers currently using towers, shelves or drawers to store their collection will find it impossible to view or select these thin options.

And of course, Flipworks provides the perfect solution!

With Flipworks, they can flip through and see the transferred cover art or the disc itself.



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